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Spiritual Minute: Daily Devotional

I read an interesting story about Emperor Penguins. The Emperor Penguins are monogamous; they have one mate for life. Perhaps even more interesting than that, is the fact that the male Emperors is the one who cares for the egg until it hatches.

That’s right, every year, when mating season is over, the female Emperors take off for the ocean; all of them together in one huge flock traveling hundreds of miles so that they can fish and get plenty to eat to sustain them and their new chick for a year. Meanwhile, back at their home, the male penguins are caring for the eggs. Each male tucks his egg between his feet to keep it from breaking and to keep it warm in the cold, harsh, winter winds. Yes brothers, for real!!!

Here’s the thing that is perhaps most interesting. When all those females return from the ocean they do so at the same time. So imagine hundreds or even thousands of penguins migrating to the shore unidentifiable in a crowd because they are all wearing the same dress (Lol).

There are no mailboxes or street signs, no pairing devices or anything to help assist them in their reunion. How do you think they find their mate in the equally large crowd of males? The Emperor Penguins always find their mate and their children by the sound of their call, yes, they know their voice.

As I mediated on that thought I remembered the scripture in John 10:27 that says- "My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me".

I can remember when my children were smaller, I could be in a store and their could be a bunch of other children, but when my child called out "mom", even though there were other mothers in the store, without ever seeing their face, I would know it was them calling me.

The current events of this world that we hear are often alarming. If not careful, we will succumb to the worlds view and forget that our God has the final say.

The text gives us 3 points. You have to know His voice, you have to know Him, and when those things are in place, you'll find it easy to follow Him.

In John 10:11 Jesus wanted them to understand his position and commitment when He said - "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep".


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